Why Buy an Urn for Ashes of a Loved One?

Have you considered buying an urn for ashes of a loved one? An ashes urn is highly affordable and can be found in several different materials including wood, copper, bronze, brass, pewter, precious metals, stone, ceramic, glass, crystal, Grecian marble, and thick molded plastic that imitates another material. An urn for ashes of a deceased loved one can be found for infant deaths and dead pets if necessary.

Angelic Memory Wood Cremation Urn

Someone might choose to have a beloved departed one cremated and the remains placed in an urn for ashes because they find this less expensive than buying a casket and paying for cemetery burial. Others may find cremation a more eco-friendly alternative to a casket and a headstone taking up space in a cemetery. Yet others may want to look up at the ashes urn in their home whenever they desire to think of the dead loved one instead of having to visit the cemetery.

You can find a quality ashes urn in any size you need and in many different styles for memorializing your beloved departed one in a way that suits your tastes (or theirs) while looking beautiful and classy. Some people, due to their religious beliefs or the final wishes of the departed one, may still bury the ashes rather than keep them or place them in a columbarium, and for this there are even biodegradable ashes urns made from recycled and eco-friendly materials that naturally decompose in a completely environmentally friendly way when buried.

Most earns can be engraved for clearer identification–in fact many funeral homes that perform cremation ceremonies or provide columbarium service insist upon having the earn engraved for identification purposes in case it gets lost. Often times people have sayings or short poems engraved upon an ashes urn, too, for further commemoration of the dearly departed one.

Urns may be in the form of keepsakes, and some even rotate on a base while having slots for pictures in their sides. The variety of shapes that you can find an urn for ashes in is actually pretty amazing. There are urns in the shapes and forms of angels, butterflies, birds, hearts, etc. The urns that are in the traditional vase shape may have a vast array of different designs engraved or painted on them.

What size ashes urn should you buy? That’s pretty easy to figure out. All you do take the weight of the departed one before cremation and purchase an urn that holds that many cubic inches of ash. It’s also okay to buy an urn that holds even more if for some reason you want an oversized urn–perhaps you need a larger urn for more engraving or because the pet or person was so small at the time of their death.

If you have particular spiritual or environmental beliefs, final expenses concerns, or a need to honor a dead loved one’s final wishes to be cremated, buying an urn for ashes of a beloved departed person or pet can be a viable option for you.

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