Planning a Funeral

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Very few things are as jarring and disruptive as the passing of a loved one. One of the many details is the planning of the funeral. Fortunately, very few people have ever had to plan a funeral. However, the lack of experience can make task of planning a funeral all the more difficult. Below are four tips to help make the planning of the funeral easier.

1.    Keep the funeral simple. Funerals are an opportunity to properly send off loved ones. The funeral is often a time for reflection and great outpourings of grief. Funerals are stressful for everyone involved. One of the best ways to reduce the stress is to keep the funeral brief and simple. This does not mean the funeral can’t be meaningful and personal, it just means that the fewer parts the easier the funeral will be to carry out.

2.    Immediate family members should not speak as part of the funeral. Grieving family members often wish to be a part of everything connected to the death of their loved one. However, understandably emotional immediate family members often are not able to get through a eulogy or other speaking part. This often only makes their grief worse.

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3.    Adding music of some kind helps set the mood of the funeral. Music also allows for a time for those in attendance to reflect on the deceased and to collect themselves. The music can be anything from prerecorded music to a singer or choir. The music at a funeral also gives family members a way inject some of the deceased’s personality into the somber occasion.

4.    Have a written program. This may seem like an unnecessary detail and conflict with tip number one. However, having a written program serves several important functions. The program helps those in attendance know what the course of the funeral will be and offers a treasured memento to friends and families.

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