Why Purchase Pet Funeral Urns

Amber was a teenager when she lost her first pet, a German shepherd.  For years Smokey had followed her around her home protecting her while sleeping, on walks, and just about in every other way that you could imagine.  Smokey was more than a dog to her but instead closer to a best friend and a third parent as he was her eternal guardian up until the day that the hip dyspepsia seemed to get him.  From there his death seemed to come quickly leaving her with time only to dream about a suited pet memorial.

Walnut Photo Pet Cremation Urn

When Smokey passed away Amber knew that she wanted to honor him in some way but outside of burying him under his favorite shade tree she was unsure of how too.  It took her some time to find out that there were pet urns that you could place in the home to memorialize the memory of a pet, but of course by this time it was too late given he was already formally buried.  However, she made note of this fact for her own children believing that she would have been greatly relieved if she had been able to hold onto something that lasted far past his death and relocation from a home down the road.

One day Amber knows that she will once again be faced with the death of a pet, but this time she is older and wiser.  Although it will be a few years until that time comes, she has taken the time to research pet urns online securing one that she feels will offer her dog the perfect memorial while also offering something that her children can hold onto.

In the same way if you have a family pet that is moving on in age it may be time to look into the available pet urns on the market.  Once the event occurs grief and time often moves too fast to do something about the matter, but with proper forethought it is possible to offer the perfect memorial to the perfect pet.

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