Human Urns

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You might think that human urns were something of a design classic. After all, when you mention them, there seems to be a certain uniformity of look that appears in the mind’s eye. To most people, an urn is both plain and easy to overlook, or decorated in a grand and floridly Victorian style. Depending on the service you use, you may find yourself keeping whatever has been offered by the funeral home. The problem is that many will only offer the plainest plastic containers, and if you intend to keep your loved one’s remains, that just won’t do.

Depending on your tastes there are a huge number of options for human urns. The classic brass or similar metal containers can be enhanced with enameling, engravings and pictures. Alternatively there are wooden caskets in a variety of types of wood and presentation. Companies can ensure that appropriate quotations or memorial inscriptions are inlaid in these caskets, while some great design work has been done in making the containers as discrete as possible. You can get picture frames, for example, that don’t look out of place among other family keepsakes, but that actually contain the ashes too.

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Alternatively, and especially if your loved one has expressed environmental concerns or a desire to have their ashes scattered, you can get biodegradable containers that can range from the plain to the positively vibrant in terms of their design. Once you’ve seen a bright white and floral ashes scattering case, you’ll never look at human urns in quite the same way again.

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