How To Select Pet Urns and Funeral Caskets for Pets

Pet caskets and urns are not at all unusual for people to purchase. Funeral caskets for pets are used for ceremonies designed to send off a dead, but still beloved, pet in accordance with someone’s religious or spiritual beliefs. Pets are called “faithful companions” and “dear friends” for good reason. To those who love their pets, they are far more than mere property or some form of entertainment or distraction. They are truly friends or children or even faithful guardians.

Pet urns can be bought to be used in the same way as ceremonial, keepsake, or burial urns for human departed dear ones. Pet urns can be found in a wide array of different styles and materials. You can find pet urns in the forms of butterflies, angels, geometric shapes, keepsake jewelry, hearts, and even in animal shapes. Materials include wood, stone, precious metals, crystal, glass, polyurethane, and so on. In fact, it’s possible to buy pet urns that are made of biodegradable materials that will naturally disintegrate once buried, allowing the urn and the ashes of the beloved dead pet to merge naturally and harmlessly back with mother earth.

White Hemp Embrace Biodegradable Cremation Urn

When choosing pet urns, simply weigh the pet before cremation, then select an urn designed to hold a numerically equivalent amount of cubic inches of ash as the pet’s weight was. For instance, if your pet weighed five pounds, you need a pet urn that will hold at least five cubic inches of ash.

But not everyone wants to cremate their pet. Instead they choose burial within a casket of the dead body. To them this gives a stronger sense of their pet’s being eternally alive. There are pet caskets specifically designed for these people and their emotional and spiritual needs. It is a good idea to select a pet casket made of polyurethane with a lovely wood-grain finish. This will enable the grieving pet owner to know that the casket will withstand the harsh elements of the earth’s soil even as it looks beautiful to the eyes of those beholding the final internment of the beloved animal. As with the cremation urns, it’s also possible to buy pet caskets that are made from biodegradable material that will eventually dissolve entirely and merge with the earth’s soil, as the body of the dead pet then will as well. People who are environmentally sensitive may prefer these caskets, which are made from easily broken down woods as well as recycled materials.

To figure out the needed dimensions for pet caskets or funeral caskets for pets, use this simple formula:

  • Length = the distance from the pet’s nose to the base of the pet’s tail.
  • Width = the distance from the top of the animal’s back to the animal’s knee.
  • Height = the distance from the top-side to the bottom-side of the pet when it’s laid on its side.

It’s wise to choose a pet casket that is slightly larger than the pet’s dimensions to ensure a nice fit. When it doubt, choose the next-largest size.

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