Why Buy Cremation Burial Urns?

For some people who have to face the sad time of saying a permanent goodbye in this life to a loved one, whether human or pet, their best option is to check out burial cremation urns. These may also come as pet caskets and urns for burying dearly departed pets.

Why might you want to look into burial cremation urns? Well, these are becoming more and more highly favored as time goes by. Burial cremation urns cost less than caskets and the burial process for them is also less costly than burying a casket containing a body. Cremation is seen by many people today as a more viable alternative to casket-and-headstone burial in a cemetery, too. It is financially easier but more important to many people is that it is more environmentally friendly. Cremating a dead body certainly allows it to take up considerably less space, and the final burial resting place for the ashes is obviously far smaller and far more unobtrusive than a plot containing a casket and a headstone.

Clark 12 Gauge Steel Urn Burial Container

Other “burial” options include placing the urn with the ashes in a columbarium. One columbarium can hold many, many more “souls” than an equal amount of space can in a cemetery plot. In addition, many people consider the lovely urns in a columbarium to look much more beautiful than a cemetery filled with grave stones, and they wish to remember their dearly departed ones in the context of feelings of beauty and grace instead of the sorrow or moroseness that so often get evoked by cemeteries.

For those who are very sensitive about the environment, there are even biodegradable cremation burial urns. These eventually decompose completely in the earth to release the final remains of the dead into the soil. The urns are made from recycled paper or some other biodegradable material that will do no harm to the earth. If you are someone with spiritual beliefs that say that the final ritual of “sending off” the dead beloved’s soul is all that really matters, not some permanent “resting place” on this earth, then a biodegradable burial cremation urn could be right for you.

If you want a permanent place for the buried ashes of the dead beloved one to reside within the earth, you should consider an urn burial vault. These burial vaults go over the urn and protect it from the rusting or other degrading that the below-the-surface soil of the earth’s crust would do to it. Cremation burial urns can be buried in cemeteries as well as in crematory memorial gardens. This holds true for pet burial urns as well as those containing the ashes of people.

There are many, many different combinations of shapes, materials, and styles to choose from when considering cremation burial urns. You will have no problem finding one that is “perfect” for your needs.

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